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Municipalities that supply water, electricity or gas — or any combination of the three services — need innovative ways to optimize their operations. The Mi.Net® Infrastructure Network for Utilities meets that need.

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The Mi.Net® system goes beyond conventional AMI systems, enabling utilities to deploy newer technology in stages rather than replacing all systems at one time. Additionally, the industry-leading Hot RodTM mobile AMR system, a key component of the Mi.Net technology, now includes a more comprehensive and powerful data logging feature called Consumption Profiling.

Mi.Net provides utilities with an end-to-end wireless solution for AMI optimization that is secure, flexible, scalable and affordable.

Mi.Net for utilities reliably links meters, distribution infrastructure and control devices in a single, highly efficient data network. By improving operational efficiencies, the system reduces your carbon footprint, thereby benefiting the environment. To protect revenue flow while creating a modular, scalable system to meet operational, service and sustainability objectives, the robust Mi.Net wireless mesh platform offers demand response, asset management, conservation and other innovative utility advances.


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Advanced Metering Infrastructure — Mi.Net (Fixed)

Having two-way meter communication and control capabilities helps you:

  • Take action on near-real-time information with e-mail alerts
    and alarms

  • Implement remote connect/disconnect and advanced TOU billing services

  • Perfect demand response, profile customers, connect with HANs and manage loads

  • Identify leaks, detect outages and perform on-demand reads

  • Empower consumers with secure Web access to promote conservation efforts


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