The water industry is all too familiar with the importance of operational efficiency in today’s complex environment. 420 Remote Disconnect Meter (RDM) from Mueller Systems is the water industry’s fully integrated remote disconnect meter that municipalities can use to remotely connect and disconnect water services through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), such as Mi.Net™ Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities — Mueller Systems’ two-way fixed AMI network solution--or from the safety of their vehicles in a way that helps to improve employee safety and customer service, while increasing operational efficiency and cost savings.

How It Works
With AMI:

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How It Works
from the Safety
of a Vehicle:

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420 RDM Helps Water Service Providers:
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve employee safety
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Lower operational and labor expenses
  • Save time through quick and easy installation
  • Reduce carbon footprint
See 420 Remote Disconnect/Reconnect
Meter from Mueller Systems in Action:

420 RDM enables utilities to remotely manage water services through Mi.Net™--or from the safety of their vehicles.

Being able to remotely manage service through AMI helps municipalities to improve customer service, as consumers will not have to wait for a field crew to arrive to turn on their water. 420 RDM also helps municipalities—especially those that experience high account turnover—to improve employee safety, reduce labor and operational costs and to reduce their carbon footprint, as field crews and service vehicles will not have to be dispatched to connect or disconnect water services.

420 RDM can also be used for complete water service shutoffs or configured to limit shutoffs to provide Life Sustenance Flow for utilities that have policies against completely terminating water supplies to residential customers.

By enabling water services to be remotely managed, 420 RDM further enhances the Mi.Net System’s robust wireless mesh platform, which offers improved demand response, asset management, conservation and other innovative advances for municipalities.

Improved customer service and increased operational efficiencies provided by 420 RDM enhances the Mi.Net System — a communications network that fully automates the meter-reading-to-billing process, linking meters, distribution sites and control devices in a single, highly efficient data network. The Mi.Net System is flexible and scalable, enabling utilities to deploy new technology in stages, as their needs and budgets allow.

Allowing for in-line maintenance and simple service, 420 RDM is fully-integral with 5/8” positive displacement (PD) meters—in standard AWWA laying lengths—and can be quickly and easily installed without requiring any re-plumbing.