Solid State Register (SSR)

Combining time-tested engineering and leading-edge solid state technologies,
Mueller Systems’ Solid State Registers (SSR) are the industry’s most advanced composite register technology for positive displacement water meters. With friction-free operation and up to 10 digits of visual resolution, SSR registers are fully compatible with Mueller’s automated meter reading (AMR) system and its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). SSR’s exceptional accuracy and readability enhance utilities’ ability to increase operating efficiencies and revenues, while mitigating losses and non-revenue water.

Unlike electro-mechanical water meter registers, Mueller Systems’ SSR utilizes sensors to detect magnet rotations associated with the meter-measuring element. With no moving parts, the solid-state design eliminates the possibility of wear or friction from wheels, spindles and pinions and other parts found in electro-mechanical registers that can contribute to meter inaccuracy.

SSR’s market-leading composite enclosure houses processor electronics, battery, liquid crystal display and magnetic sensors under a heat-treated, tempered glass lens. With a low profile, installation in small meter boxes is easier, and SSR housing provides multiple options for integrated AMR/AMI device mounting.

View our SSR video to learn more: