The simplest and most affordable radio-read water meter system available.

Mueller Systems Hot Rod mini provides high-end automated meter reading capabilities in an easy-to-use solution.


  • Network and read up to 1000 Hot Rod meters
  • Remote meter readings and alarms such as leaks, tamper and reverse flow.
  • No programming needed
  • Hot Rod meters transmit through meter box covers
  • Easily upgradable to a full mobile AMR system
  • Downloads meter readings and alarms into Microsoft® Excel
  • No FCC license required
  • 20-year battery warranty for Hot Rod meters
  • Up to 1200 feet range

Who Should Consider Hot Rod mini?

Small Water Utilities can benefit from a simple, low-cost meter-reading solution. Mueller Systems’ Hot Rod mini provides smaller utilities with the ability to remotely read meters and receive important alarm messages without the need for large infrastructure investment.

Multi-family Residence Owners often install meters for each residence so they can bill occupants for actual water usage rather than charging a flat rate or including fees for water usage in rent. Hot Rod mini is the ideal solution for these sub-metering applications. It can read meters up to 1,200 feet from the Hot Rod mini receiver in seconds, and it eliminates the need to enter a residence to visually read the meter.

Many Manufactured Home Park Owners sub-meter each lot in their parks. Hot Rod mini can remotely read each of these meters in seconds, while the software integrates the data into the owner’s billing system.

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