420 Remote Disconnect Meter (RDM)

The Mueller Systems’ 420 RDM (remote disconnect meter) provides utilities with the opportunity to utilize existing meter boxes and piping configurations to install the only positive displacement meter on the market with an integrated shut off valve in a 7.5” laying length. Implementing this solution within the distribution system permits utilities to address move ins/move outs, delinquent accounts, and minimize interior damage in the event of broken pipes when residents aren’t home. The meter and system reduces the need for truck rolls and minimizes the utility’s carbon footprint………and now we provide multiple options for RDM activation with the Mi.Net system in either mobile or fixed network mode. See why our true two way system options provide more value than other systems on the market.

The Hersey® RDM is a nutating disk, positive displacement meter that incorporates a radio controlled valve in a 7-1/2” laying length. The unique meter design allows utilities to retrofit 5/8” RDM meters in existing services where there is a high incidence of customer service call volume pertaining to transient or delinquent accounts, where employee safety may be a concern, or where it is difficult to gain access to meters. By accessing the account information through the Mi.Net™ AMI System User Interface screen, a radio frequency (RF) command can be initiated to turn on or off any service equipped with an RDM meter from any password protected computer authorized to access the utility site.