Light Commercial Meters

Mueller Systems has state of the art products for Light Commercial systems. Perfect for measurement of cold water for light, commercial and industrial applications where water volumes are low, and low flow sensitivity is important.

Magnetic Flow Meter

HbMAG is a magnetic flow meter that is designed for easy installation, superior measurement and improved operational efficiency for potable, wastewater and reclaimed water systems as well as applications where minimal head pressure loss is vital, such as fire protection systems. It provides municipal water service providers with a viable replacement for applications that previously utilized a compound or horizontal turbine meter.
HbMAG features a sensor that accurately measures water flow with minimal reduction in head pressure—allowing you to accurately account for every drop of water your customers use while conserving energy and significantly reducing pumping costs. And, HbMAG’s compact and highly durable design does not contain any moving parts—which means virtually no wear and tear or maintenance costs—and it can be installed vertically or horizontally for ultimate flexibility in system retrofits and designs.
HbMAG displays detailed usage information on-site, however, it can fully integrate with Mueller Systems’ two-way fixed network solution—Mi.Net™ Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities Mueller Systems’ advanced AMR system—for intelligent performance, diagnostics, billing accuracy and customer service, as it enables municipalities to remotely collect usage information.


Mueller Systems has discontinued new sales of the product lines found below. Replacement components for these meters will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. Check the exploded diagrams and tables in these data sheets for replacement components that continue to be available. These components are indicated by yellow highlights.

MCTII (Compound Magnetic Drive Meters)