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ME-8 Register

Given the rise of automation and the exponential growth in the significance of data in industries throughout the world, it is no surprise that an innovation in data transmission has come to mechanical register technology. The new Mueller® Encoder 8 (ME-8) mechanical register from Mueller Systems® brings together a history of reliable mechanical components with an innovative new automated data acquisition system, providing a solution to water utilities that improves meter accuracy and functionality.

The ME-8 register records the rotation of a four-pole drive magnet built into the measuring element; as the meter measuring element turns, the drive magnet in the register rotates at a one-to-one ratio to capture and indicate granular registration. Featuring 8-digit electronic resolution, the ME-8 encoder register offers industry-leading granularity. A two-dimensional bar code replicates the data, allowing the register’s 10-digit serial number and 8-digit electronic reading in ACSII format to be read by a bar code scanner at the installation. This information is then recorded and maintained within the billing system and transferred to the meter reading software each month during the reading process.

The ME-8 encoder register’s exceptional precision and automated data transmission provides a dual benefit to utilities and customers. For utilities, the detailed usage data makes it easier to increase revenue potential and manage systems more efficiently. Additionally, utilities are better able to detect losses due to leaks or theft, allowing for closer monitoring of resources and potential inefficiencies. Meanwhile, customers benefit from the transparency of improved data collection; billing conflicts can be resolved quickly and efficiently leading to a fair result for both parties. The device’s granularity also allows utilities to reward customers for responsible water usage during resource shortages.

Though the new ME-8 register has only been available since August, some water utilities are already reporting excellent performance. “Through our Metering as a Service® program, MeterSYS has deployed ME-8 mechanical registers on composite maincases  for the Town of Candor, North Carolina, and we are seeing great results. The granularity of the ME-8 allows our service technicians to provide Town billing and customer service staff with very detailed consumption usage data for customer inquiries and service response through reliable, low-flow detection,” commented Andy Honeycutt, Managing Director of MeterSYS. “We applaud Mueller Systems for achieving a new level of quality consumption measurement for our customers.”

Available in sizes ranging from ⅝” to 2”, ME-8 encoder registers are constructed using a heat-treated, tempered glass lens and corrosion-resistant copper can. The new ME-8 registers are compatible with all bayonet-style locking register designs offered on current Mueller Systems positive displacement meters, delivering enhanced functionality and value when paired with Mueller Systems metrology and AMR/AMI solutions. Designed to provide 20 years of dependable service with no maintenance required, ME-8 encoder registers from Mueller Systems deliver an immediate technological upgrade that will last utilities well into the future.

Solid State Register

Combining time-tested engineering and leading-edge solid state technologies,
Mueller Systems’ Solid State Registers (SSR) are the industry’s most advanced composite register technology for positive displacement water meters. With friction-free operation and up to 10 digits of visual resolution, SSR registers are fully compatible with Mueller’s automated meter reading (AMR) system and its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). SSR’s exceptional accuracy and readability enhance utilities’ ability to increase operating efficiencies and revenues, while mitigating losses and non-revenue water.

Unlike electro-mechanical water meter registers, Mueller Systems’ SSR utilizes sensors to detect magnet rotations associated with the meter-measuring element. With no moving parts, the solid-state design eliminates the possibility of wear or friction from wheels, spindles and pinions and other parts found in electro-mechanical registers that can contribute to meter inaccuracy.

SSR’s market-leading composite enclosure houses processor electronics, battery, liquid crystal display and magnetic sensors under a heat-treated, tempered glass lens. With a low profile, installation in small meter boxes is easier, and SSR housing provides multiple options for integrated AMR/AMI device mounting.

View our SSR video to learn more:


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