Water is our most vital natural resource. Our physical and economic well-being relies on access to safe, clean drinking water. As issues such as drought and an aging water infrastructure intensify, so too does the need for an active water management program. Providing the products and services utilities need to implement active water management programs reflects Mueller Systems’ commitment to sustainability and to ensuring that future generations have the same access to safe, clean drinking water we enjoy today.

At Mueller Systems, we are committed to helping utilities:

Address Water Leakage
Estimates of how much water is lost to infrastructure leakage are as high as 20%. Our systems are designed to provide intelligent data analysis that locates the leak, assesses its severity, and allows for continued leak monitoring. This flexibility to detect small leaks and repair high priority leaks allows you to decide how to manage your utility resources more effectively.

Mueller’s technologically advanced AMI solution addresses water leaks through state-of-the-art Acoustic Sensors, allowing complete system data analysis from the comfort of your desk each morning. This type of detailed analysis allows for preventive maintenance to be done which will help you avoid costly emergency repairs.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Our Mi.NetTM Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities AMI system links meters, distribution infrastructure and control devices in a single, highly efficient data network that utilizes integral Meter Data Management (MDM) software. By enabling true two-way communication between your utility, ancillary devices and the meter, we reduce your carbon footprint and encourage more efficient use of water.

Account for Every Drop of Water
As the demand for water increases and the supply diminishes, it is important that water not go to waste. At Mueller Systems we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our meters. By helping you account for every drop of water, we help you recover lost revenue opportunities. This, in turn, helps you recover more of the cost of treating and distributing water and enables you to invest more in upgrading your water infrastructure systems.