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Smart Cities

Mueller Systems is bringing the Internet of Things to water infrastructure, making smart cities even smarter.

Internet of Things

By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), municipalities can transform their water systems into open communications systems, enabling them to improve the service they offer their customers and increase the connectivity of all city services.

Mi.Net Technology helps Nob Hill Water

Nob Hill Water is making the Smart Move®, using the power of Mi.Net from Mueller Systems.

Account for Every Drop of Water with the Solid State Register

Representing the next step in product reliability, quality and accuracy, the Solid State Register from Mueller Systems helps municipalities properly account for the water in their systems. The Solid State Register is truly the next evolution in water metering.

Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center from Mueller Systems offers class-leading support for monitoring your water infrastructure.

Smart meters help Asheville, NC improve water infrastructure

Asheville, North Carolina’s Water Department leverages smart meters from Mueller Systems to improve customer service, more effectively manage water usage and reduce the amount of time it takes to manually collect meter reads.