As water utilities mature and meet expectations along the services front, consumers would want their water providers to provide near real-time data, improve their service level, help them with water conservation, consumption analytics and more. Digital technology, analytics and insights can play the enabling role to help utilities address these needs of the consumers.

A growing digital adoption in the water sector 

The water metering industry has seen an uptick in digital technology adoption. Utilities are embracing the digital mindset and deploying digital solutions to perform work orders such as shutoffs and/or restoration of water service to customers for non-payment. They also gain near real-time visibility into any unexpected excess of flows at certain areas.

Sentryx™ Water Intelligence Platform as a digital water network enabler 

Understanding what digital transformation means to your utility in terms of which challenges to address and which initiatives to prioritize are a good starting point. When talking to water utilities, some of their biggest threats are:

  • Cyberthreats: How can we enhance and monitor security to protect utilities and homeowners data?
  • Health of the water system: How can we analyze, compare site level consumption data and observe trends to make data-driven decisions?
  •  Increasing operational cost, decreasing efficiency: How can we improve the distribution of information within the utility and make information easier to access?

What is Sentryx™ Water Intelligence

Sentryx Water Intelligence is a digital services platform for water utilities to monitor, operate and monetize water distribution networks.

Why Sentryx™


Easy: All your water network data integrated into one secure platform with intuitive dashboards



Sustainable: Realize a resilient and more sustainable utility through platform insights and efficient operations



Customer Centric: Improve network visibility to prevent and manage issues before customer impact



Dynamic Implementation: Bundle or independent services for metering, pressure monitoring and leak detection





Potential Use Cases

Water Utility Business Challenges

How Sentryx™ can help

Fragment Data Silos Multiple Software Applications

  • The Sentryx platform is built with modularity in mind to help utilities adapt to change, try, learn and modify
  • Utilities can get more efficient by having a single system to sign into, instead of having to switch between multiple systems
  • Analysis can be performed using different types of real-time sources, allowing utilities to see the whole picture and make informed decisions[/lgc_column]

** Siloed data takes away the ability to coordinate data harvesting efforts to gain meaningful insights about their entire water ecosystem across the entire network – over time, results in missing the biggest cost saving opportunities. Sentryx platform effectively collapses the existing linear systems and interconnect them to create an efficient digital ecosystem**

Manual meter reading and billing inaccuracy lead to operational inefficiency and lower customer satisfaction

  • By removing intermediaries such as manual truck rolls and data entry, accurate meter data is available near real-time which decreases billing errors
  • Sentryx algorithms can help accelerate the meter to cash cycle by reducing the time difference between water consumption and revenue generation

Managing scalability and integration when supply network evolves

  • The Sentryx platform is customizable to a single user level, flexible and scalable on a module level. A water utility can effortlessly add more water meter data points to its water metering module without having to reconfigure the entire platform architecture.

Evolving landscape of cyber threat

  • Data security is our top priority. Mueller has implemented stringent security measures to provide end-to-end protection on the user interface, critical field devices, and the interfaces to utility IT data systems. Additionally, leading companies in cyber-security, such as Amazon Web Services, serves as an added protection of the utility and homeowner’s data.

Round the Clock Support

Mueller Systems’ Technical Support team is here to assist you with any questions or issues you may have relating to our hardware and software.

Customers subscribing to Mueller Systems’ software services can access Technical Support at no additional cost.  Our agents have deep levels of expertise in our solutions and can provide guidance, advice and information to assist our customers in getting the most out of our solutions.  This can include arranging LogMeIn Rescue so we can work with you on your computer, or training sessions for our customers or installation/maintenance partners.

Incoming requests are prioritized and we respond to those requests according to their urgency.  We use a ticketed system to ensure that your requests are dealt with, and our customer portal will give you access to case history, relevant materials, and customer satisfaction surveys.

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