Fire Service Meters

Fire Services

From the single-family home to a massive manufacturing structure, the sprinkler system relies on the full-rated capacity of water meters in order to do its job. And for more than 100 years, Mueller Systems has been the proven leader in fire line meter design. These vigilant meters personify the reason your customers want fire sprinkler systems in the first place — peace of mind.

FM3 with Bypass

The Mueller Systems’ FM3TM fire service meter is designed for combined fire service and domestic water where a single supply line supports both fire and domestic or process needs. The meter may be utilized in automatic sprinkler systems and fire service, as a master meter for an entire water system, as a master meter for zoned systems, and for domestic or processed water where accuracy across a broad range of flows is critical. The FM3 meter eliminates the need for secondary service lines, saving time and reducing installation expenses and is compliant for all UL®, FM®, NSF-61 fire service meter standards.

The Ultimate Litmus: A UL Stamp

Mueller Systems’ RFM meter was the first residential fire meter on the market to carry the prestigious Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) listing, widely accepted as your assurance of system component reliability. UL subjected the RFM meter to accelerated aging, heat extremes, leaks, pressure loss, burst pressure and long-term durability tests to verify full flow reliability and long term accuracy. Designed for use in residences with fire protection systems or for combination domestic plumbing / fire service, RFM meters are available in sizes from 3/4″ to 2″.

Keeping Leaks in Check

Theft and leaks compromise the integrity of a fire system. Mueller Systems detector checks are spring-loaded devices that keep a check on flow irregularities, so you can tell if water is “slipping by.” Rugged and reliable, they are designed to reduce pressure loss, ease maintenance, and enable an unobstructed flow through the main line. Bypasses are available with Mueller Systems positive displacement or vertical turbine meters.

Mueller Systems has discontinued new sales of the product lines found below. Replacement components for these meters will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. Check the exploded diagrams and tables in these data sheets for replacement components that continue to be available. These components are indicated by yellow highlights.

MFMII (Commercial with Bypass)