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Mi.Net Migratable AMI Overview Brochure
Our advanced Mi.Net network design outperforms every other competitor. In mobile or AMR mode, the Mi.Net migratable endpoint transmits data every few seconds utilizing LoRa® long-range technology. The lightweight mobile transceiver works in tandem with our software to provide data that reliably interfaces with your billing system.


Mi.Net. The Smart Move for Two-Way Advanced Metering Infrastructure
The Mi.Net® Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities is a two-way advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system that fully automates the meter-reading-to-billing process through a wireless communication network that provides access to real time water consumption.

Drought Handbook
Solutions to minimize losses and improve efficiencies of water networks. See our online handbook.

420 RDM Brochure
420 Remote Disconnect Meter (RDM) is a fully integrated RDM that enables you to remotely connect and disconnect water services through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or from the safety of your vehicles.

Mueller Systems’ Product Overview
As continued population growth and increasing service demands place added pressure on your aging water infrastructure, our metering systems can provide you with actionable data to optimize your water programs.