The Mueller Cellular Node makes Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) connectivity possible in areas where radio communication infrastructure setup is infeasible. The solution enables utility’s AMI systems to be agile, reduces the costs of initial installation, and integrates seamlessly with Sentryx™ Water Intelligence platform – providing a true network in a box solution for water systems of any size.

Why Mueller Cellular Node

Provisioning speed:
Nodes can be up and running in a matter of days.

Operational efficiency:
When paired with the Mueller remote disconnect/reconnect meter, utilities no longer need to send utility personnel to the site to perform meter reading or turning it on or off.

Reduced costs:
Implementing Network as a Service not only significantly reduces costs including infrastructure, operations and maintenance, but also minimizes risks associated with implementing new processes, hardware and software.

Remote and rural community accessibility:
Utilities can look to this solution to “fill the holes” in the network without having to replace encoded meters or add expensive network infrastructure.

Enhanced Security:
Mueller has implemented security measures to provide data protection on the user interface, critical field devices, and utility IT data systems. Amazon Web Service (AWS) provides an added level of protection of the utility, homeowner and business data.

Supports network sustainability:
Through the Sentryx platform, utilities can see water network data meaningfully displayed on one secure platform with intuitive dashboards to navigate with ease and minimal training.

This Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) endpoint solution communicates with encoded water meters, including meters that are already in operation. The agility that comes with this model allows utilities to deploy an AMI network in small areas, or entire distribution network, without the need for traditional infrastructure and maintenance.

Mueller Cellular Node Use Cases

Water Utility Business Challenges:
Increase water meter infrastructure efficiency and effectiveness

How the Cellular Node can help

Connecting the Cellular Node to a positive displacement, solid state meter, electromagnetic flow meter, or other encoded meter, allows usage and flow data to be monitored 24/7 and obtained quickly without the operational burden of setting up and maintaining the system infrastructure. Data parsed through the Sentryx algorithm are converted into valuable insights for utilities to take preventive actions on their systems. When supply network evolves, water utilities can add more data points without reconfiguring the entire platform architecture

Water Utility Business Challenges: Financing for capital improvements

How the Cellular Node can help

For utilities serving connections across varied population density, AMR and fixed-base AMI are a natural fit for urban areas, but less-so in rural, hard-to-reach areas where utility personnel safety is in question and there are not enough connections to justify the cost of setup and maintenance.
The deployment of the Cellular Node allows the system to be connected without the need to remove existing encoded meters. By utilizing existing cellular networks, delay in meter reading and risk of lost or unbilled revenue minimized.

Water Utility Business Challenges: Long term water supply availability

How the Cellular Node can help

Metering encourages water conservation with consumption data flow critical for raising awareness of water usage and empower residents and businesses to develop their own strategies to reduce usage and energy.

Achieving Sustainable Urbanization with the Sentryx™ Platform

As the world continues to rapidly densify, developing a sustainable smart city is critical to the effective management of the city’s assets and resources in a way to continuously improve the quality of life of the citizens from an economic, social and environmental level. For smart cities to thrive with an ever-growing demand for water – our priceless resource, focusing on the key building block of a smart city i.e. smart water, is a great place to start.

The Sentryx platform provides smart utilities an intuitive way of visualizing patterns and anomalies by integrating multiple data sources on one single platform. Utilities can deploy and dispatch employees by technologies to drive maximum efficiency.

The solution connects meters, distribution sensors and control devices in an efficient wireless network for near real-time access.

Together with Mueller Cellular node, this smart and scalable solution provides the ultimate in flexibility and security, allowing the utility to cost- effectively add advanced capabilities to fixed networks or drive-by solutions, without replacing the entire system.

Compatible with:

Mi.Net® system

Mueller Systems PD Meter

Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform

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