Intelligence meets infrastructure with the Mi.Net® system, Mueller Systems’ advanced, comprehensive data gathering solution for water utilities — now with migratable Mi.Net M system features.

The Mi.Net system links meters, distribution sensors and control devices in an efficient wireless network for real-time access. This smart, migratable solution provides the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, allowing you to cost-effectively add advanced capabilities to fixed networks or drive-by solutions, without replacing the entire system.

The Mi.Net system uses Mi.Node transceivers on metering devices to gather and pass data through radio frequency technology to Mueller® Multi Network Collectors. These gateways collect and upload the data to either the utility’s server or our hosted server with Sentryx™ Water Intelligence Platform software via cellular or other data backhaul options.

The many benefits of the Mi.Net system include:

  • “On Demand” meter readings,
  • e-mail alerts and alarms based upon near real-time information, and
  • the ability to best manage your water resources through on-going access to custom data and information.

As technology and your needs evolve, Mueller Systems continues to develop valuable, visionary solutions that offer easier implementation, better functionality and a faster return on your investment.

System Highlights
  • Industry-leading long range features and functionality
  • Fixed AMI or Mi.Net M system migratable “AMI-Ready” mobile solutions
  • Advanced capabilities can be added without system replacement
  • Flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of any size, geography and budget
  • Mobile collection backup for AMI
View Diagram for How the Mi.Net System Works
Mi.Net Diagram
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