Mueller Systems delivers the water industry’s first LoRaWAN® Class B smart water meter interface unit with the new Mi.Net® Node. Bringing the power of two-way communication between the node and the network down to the seconds, Mueller Mi.Net® LoRaWAN (LW) node is truly a game-changer in defining the digital future of our cities.

The Mi.Net® LW node uses LoRa® network protocol that allows water utilities to enjoy flexible deployment, efficiently collect data remotely, and streamline operations to reduce water waste and cost.
Implemented with Class B specifications, the node allows for predictable times scheduled for when the network server can send a downlink to the unit. In contrast, Class A units can send uplinks to the network at any time but only listen for downlinks after sending their uplinks.

Why Mi.Net® LW Node

Fast End to End Response Time

  • Signals between the endpoint and network server move through fewer/ no mid-point nodes –reducing response time from hours to seconds.

Remote Disconnect Enabled Compatibility

  • Compatible with Mueller Systems 420 RDM, water utilities can remotely initiate a command to turn water service on or off.

20 Year Battery Life

  • Employing LoRaWAN protocol mitigates battery life issues through the addition of gateways. The node is also designed to include a large lithium battery to warrant 20-year life inside the meter pit.


  • LoRaWAN by design is very secure—authentication and encryption are, in fact, mandatory; With two session keys, the Network Session Key (NwkSKey) and Application Session Key (AppSKey) to prevent spoofing and eavesdropping.

Open Standards

  • Flexible to deploy, scale and/or leverage private and public networks in a cost-efficient manner, along with interoperability at the network and device levels. Beyond AMI, utilities can go further to implement other smart city initiatives.
Key Features

System Feature

The node transmits water meter data to the LoRaWAN® network, via an unlicensed radio frequency. On-demand reads to the node can be requested and delivered within seconds.


Fully encapsulated design – eliminating any possible pathways for moisture intrusion. This AMI endpoint is designed to survive life inside the meter pit and be subjected to the harshest of conditions.

Scalable & Upgradable

The node’s functionality allows for upgrade to be performed remotely and autonomously.

Compatible with:

Mi.Net® system                                                              Mueller Systems PD Meter


Mueller Systems and the LoRa Alliance®

Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

LoRaWAN® is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated devices in regional, national or global networks. It is designed to provide features specifically needed to support low-cost, mobile, secure bi-directional communication for the IoT, including Smart City applications. It is optimized for low power consumption and to support large networks with millions of devices. It has innovative features, supports redundant operations, location, low-power and can even run on energy harvesting technologies enabling the mobility and ease of use to IoT.

Mi.Net® and the LoRa Alliance®: Leveraging the Internet of Things