Meter Training

All About Our Meter Training Class

Learn to maximize your revenue by attending one of Mueller Systems Meter Training School classes. Get one on one instruction from our staff of highly qualified trainers and walk away with the satisfaction that you have the ability to:

  • Identify specific meter strengths
  • Apply that knowledge to specific applications
  • Select the correct meter
  • Properly size your meter
  • Compare and contrast AMR or AMI reading systems
  • Select the most cost effective AMR or AMI reading system

This empowers you to make the decisions that ultimately affect the bottom line. Arm yourself with the knowledge that allows you to make informed choices.

Who should take the class?

Mueller Systems recommends the sales class for everyone who is a Mueller Systems distributor. Utility personnel benefit greatly from the hands on interactive approach that the utility class provides. Purchasing and management positions can enhance their decision making abilities with the broad range of information presented in the class as well.

If you have a specific area of interest or would like a class done on site, Mueller Systems can accommodate you. Contact us with your requirements. Customer needs motivate us to be the catalyst for change.