The components of EZ Reader Software, which include EZ Mobile™ and EZ Profiler™, work in tandem with the Street Machine™ Mobile Data Collector to provide meter reading data that reliably interfaces with utilities’ billing systems on any laptop that runs on Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Windows® 8. This provides easy access to information about routes, customers, meters and previous readings by remotely downloading data from the utility’s host billing system (in standard ASCII format) and presenting it to meter readers through their PCs while they are in the field.

Detailed information can be viewed in the field or in the office to resolve customer billing disputes or to monitor and enforce water restrictions.


Benefits of EZ Reader Software:

  • Instant data logging alarms
  • Improved meter reading efficiency with 3-second transmissions
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ encoder units
  • Potential service issue alarms
  • Stores up to 170 days of hourly consumption data
  • Quick and easy installation