EchoShore®-DX Leak Detection

Mueller Systems now offers utilities the ability to remotely detect and monitor water distribution main leaks using EchoShore®-DX  technology, its latest advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) feature. 

EchoShore®-DX technology integrates acoustic-based leak detection technology from Echologics, a developer and provider of acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment, with the EchoShore®-DX system – Mueller infrastructure network– Mueller Systems’ fixed, two-way AMI network for utilities.

Echologics pioneered the development of a proprietary, acoustic-based system, known as LeakFinderRT™, which can be used in the field to non-invasively locate distribution main leaks with accuracy that exceeds normal standards without breaking ground or inserting tools into the water system.

As the only two-way AMI solution that incorporates components of the LeakFinderRT platform, The EchoShore®-DX technology is designed to enable utilities to remotely detect and pinpoint leaks on distribution mains. This capability can help utilities more intelligently reduce non-revenue water while prioritizing and conducting repair projects by detecting leaks without using field crews, excavating potential leak sites or resorting to other costly and time consuming tasks normally associated with traditional leak detection methods.

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