Echologics Non-Invasively Pinpoints Water Leak Underneath Large Chinese Bottling Plant (Trenchless Technology International)

A global leader in the beverage industry had a bottling plant in Shanyang, China, that was losing approximately 150,000 liters of treated water per day through a leak in its water system. The facility’s water system was fed by the city’s water supply through a 300-mm service lateral, which provided water for the plant’s operations, employees and fire protection system. 

Service crews had been searching for the leak for several months, however, their efforts were unsuccessful due to the location of the pipes, which were buried fairly deep —1.5 m — under a concrete roadway. Machinery used for the plant’s operations also created a large amount of background noise, which typically makes finding leaks in industrial facilities extremely difficult.

The plant turned to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada-based Echologics Engi¬neering Inc., a leading developer of advanced acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment, for its non-intrusive leak detection expertise and services. Read More