Reduce Non-Revenue Water and Prioritize Water System Repairs and Replacement without Breaking the Budget (Utilimetrics)

Ongoing budget shortfalls for water infrastructure spending is a significant concern among utilities across the United States that are faced with water leaks and main breaks, which are steeply increasing in frequency as years of unchecked deterioration take their toll on pipes that, in places, dates back to the second half of the 19th century.

In light of utilities’ continuing budgetary concerns, how can they afford to reduce NRW if traditional leak testing and pipe condition assessment methods have questionable accuracy and can entail the expensive and disruptive process of excavating water mains or pressurizing water systems to expose leaks?

Fortunately, cost-effective NRW reduction is possible as advancements in acoustic leak detection and pipe condition assessment methods can help utilities detect leaks and prioritize water system repairs and replacement—without breaking ground or disrupting service. Read More