A high-powered, two-way, long-range, fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system

Mueller Systems helps municipalities and utilities of all sizes increase efficiencies, conserve water, and improve customer service with the Mi.Net licensed system, a high-powered, long-range, fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

The Mi.Net licensed system is the foundation of a low-maintenance, low-infrastructure smart metering system that helps utilities monitor, aggregate and analyze vital data.

The Mi.Net licensed system’s 2 Watt licensed radio transmission is the most powerful in the industry today. And with true end-to-end radio frequency (RF) AMI, the system can deliver long-range results without the cost of, or dependency on, cellular (GPRS), Internet, telephone or other third-party communications infrastructure. The system’s technology is field-proven, with more than two million transmitters installed globally.

Smart metering solutions powered by the industries most robust one way advanced metering infrastructure system

Having one-way meter communication and control capabilities helps you:

  • Take action on near-real-time information with e-mail alerts and alarms
  • Implement remote connect/disconnect and advanced TOU billing services
  • Perfect demand response, profile customers, connect with HANs and manage loads
  • Identify leaks, detect outages and perform on-demand reads
  • Empower consumers with secure Web access to promote conservation efforts

MTU Endpoint Features

  • Full 2 way capabilities, supporting RDM (Remote Disconnect Meter)
  • Full 2 watts radio transmission
  • Field replaceable lithium battery pack
  • FCC licensed frequency
  • Instant installation verification
  • Automatically transmits critical alerts
  • Backflow detection
  • Leak detection – extreme or residual
  • Allows security endpoint alarms
  • Universal MTU
  • Multi-port configurations
  • Digital Pulse configuration